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Bekannt aus: SWR2
Bekannt aus: SWR2

Do you need a de-cluttering or household clearance and are looking for a professional service provider?

We are at your disposal as an expert for clearances of all kinds and support you in your project!

In addition to a large number of private individuals, a number of commercial customers as well as other public authorities have come to appreciate our qualified service company.

Free viewing appointment

Let our experienced team advise you during a free inspection.

Non-binding fixed price offer

After the inventory has been completed, you will receive a fixed price offer from us that is individually adapted to your needs, including a value calculation.

Broom clean handover

Upon completion of the order by our team, you will receive, upon request, accrued disposal certificates after broom-clean handover.

We have specialized in

Why you choose us


As a qualified specialist company, we dispose of waste professionally and thus also in an environmentally friendly manner - on request, we will be happy to provide you with the relevant evidence with the invoice.

Price transparency

You will receive from us free of charge a fixed price offer tailored to your needs and without obligation, including value calculation.


We are well covered by our business liability insurance in the event of any damage occurring during the clearance. So should you incur any damage, our insurance will cover it.


Thanks to our trained and competent team, we can refer to a long experience, of more than 30 years in the field of clearing and disposal.

In your area

We are a supra-regionally operating company based in Bitburg, which enables us to take on your order flexibly.


We protect your privacy by committing our employees to absolute discretion towards outsiders.

Entrümpelung Beispiel
Entrümpelung Beispiel

Reasons for clearance

The reasons for hiring a professional can be many and varied.
However, independent eviction is often too stressful, simply because of the hard physical work or emotional stress.

Death of family member

You have recently lost a loved one from your environment and now have to clear out their apartment or house? In this situation, many of those affected have great difficulty in clearing out themselves, as there are often many memories attached to the furnishings of the deceased. For you, therefore, the carefree and better way is to entrust us with the clearance. During a free inspection appointment we will discuss with you which items you would like to keep and which you would like us to dispose of. If you wish, we can also dispose of entire furnishings.

Tenant moving out

Your tenant has moved out, been evicted or passed away? Most of the time, unfortunately, you as the landlord are stuck with the leftovers. Don’t bother with the exhausting and tedious disposal of a deceased tenant’s household. Especially Messis or rent nomads leave behind extreme mountains of garbage, the disposal of which often means weeks of work for laymen and thus also high loss of rent. We create for you, as a professional clearance service provider, as quickly as possible space for new paying and reliable tenants. 

Moving to the retirement home

You or a relative have to or want to move into a retirement home for reasons of age? In this case, usually only a fraction of the furnishings and household can be taken along for reasons of space. Often the remaining items have to be disposed of because the relatives cannot do anything with them. We take this nerve-racking disposal off your hands and are happy to help you with your move if you wish.

Real estate sales

You want to sell a property but the inventory of the previous owner is still there? Prospective buyers are often deterred by this fact, which means that you may only achieve a lower price than you had hoped for. Simply increase the value of your property by clearing it out. Commission us with the clearing out of your property to achieve a significantly higher sales price.

Closing of business

Are you forced to close your business due to your economic or structural situation? This is often associated with enormous physical work due to accruing deconstructions and the disposal of business equipment. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are also able to meet this logistical challenge and, if commissioned, we can take care of all the dismantling work involved as well as the destruction of confidential documents in compliance with data protection and DIN standards.

Procedure of clearing out

1. Contact us

You can contact us conveniently by phone call, e-mail or by using our online form, which may provide us with initial information.

2. Arrange an appointment

We will arrange a free inspection appointment with you to get an idea of the premises to be vacated.

3. Inspection appointment

Together with you, we will discuss which rooms are to be cleared, which inventory is to be disposed of, what you would like to keep and what we can count as recyclable. Of course, we will respond to your wishes at any time.

4. Quotation preparation

We will provide you with a fixed price offer tailored to your individual needs in order to keep the costs for you as low as possible. This offer is compiled, among other things, from the factors: accessibility, required employees, type and quantity of waste to be disposed of and the value of the inventory that we can remarket.

5. Placing of order

Once we have compiled an offer for you, you will receive it either digitally as an e-mail or in paper form as a letter and without any hidden costs!
If our offer has convinced you, we will set a desired date with you.

6. Start of the clearance

We will arrive on time at the agreed date and will be met by you or have already received the key to the object from you in advance. You do not have to stay on site during the clearing out and can devote yourself to other things. 

7. Handover

After the work is done, we hand over the agreed premises to you in broom-clean condition. If you have any complaints, please ask for rectification. We will carry this out immediately.
You will always receive the invoice after completion of the order – so you do not take any risk.

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